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Our usual monthly Prayer Meetings held on the last Wednesday of each month (not December) in the Session House beside Madderty Church will due to the Coronavirus not be held until further notice.

The Prayer Group meetings gives an opportunity for anyone to draw aside for a time and pray silently or in company with others over matters which are important to them be they personal, local or international. The time is restricted to one hour and everyone is very welcome. If you would like to know any more please contact David Cameron 01764 683264 or Judith James 01738 730378

We will confirm when the meetings resume, meantime here is a message from David Cameron, our Prayer Promoter.

"Hello everybody,

The great thing is that we don't need to meet in order to pray. We can all do this in the privacy of our own homes and in our own time and if there was ever a time for prayer this must be it! Prayers don't need to be long or full of difficult language but should come from the heart as a conversation with God about what matters to us.

Each one of us will have our own list of priorities to pray about and as this disease develops in our own community, as it seems it might, these priorities might change. At the moment, as a community, I think we need to pray for the front line staff in the NHS some of whom are going through training at this time in order to be able to cope  with the expected rise in patients and all the trauma that can go on when looking after seriously ill people. We need to think of the businesses small and large who are impacted by the close down and all the people suddenly without income and the fears that that brings. This all within our own community. And each one of us will want to pray for those nearest and dearest to us and our children and grandchildren who find themselves without school to go to.

We should also thank God for the initiatives taking place within our own communities to help those needing assistance and keep people in touch when normal social interaction is not possible. God needs us to work out practically what we pray for!

Finally, living in this part of Strathearn two Psalms come to mind encouraging us to put our trust in God. Firstly, Psalm 23 which shows in this time of trouble and fear how God is there for us and also Psalm 121 which is the one about looking to the hills, which we can all do from Mid Strathearn, but how our help comes from God. The hills are a great assurance, however I always feel, of the permanence of His creation in a time of trouble.

None of us can do all the things to help in that need to be done in the present situation but if we do the things that are advised by the government, proper washing, keeping our distance etc and pray I am sure we will cope with whatever happens."

Kind regards,
David Cameron
Prayer Promoter


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